Photos of our trip to Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Togo, Africa

July 2018 Trip: Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission, Togo - Africa

Tom demonstrates the durability of fiber cement boards

Game Changer:"Indigenous Peruvians living in the high Andes near a town called Cusco, Peru, purchase drywall from hardware stores. They use the drywall to build 8' x 8' abodes, very little bracing and no rain screen. These shelters fail, as moisture from precipitation builds up within the drywall core. To introduce affordable, corrugated fiber cement board in a SYstem-BUilt-CONstruction (SYBUCON) prototype, is a "game changer, on how 3rd world, impoverished nations, might house their citizens. A grass roots building industry may help start and stimulate economic relief for those with little opportunity to earn a days wage." Tom Mitchell, Board of Directors of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission and involved in various other projects around the world.

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